Commercial Waterproofing


Commercial Basement Waterproofing: Serving Central Pennsylvania

Also Serving Chester, Reading, Allentown and the Surrounding Areas

Protecting building from water damage

Protect Your Business From Water Damage

With Central Pennsylvania's humid, wet climate, precipitation is unavoidable. This excess water can lead to basement flooding and damage if your home or business aren't properly protected.
The services we offer include:
• Above-Floor Drainage Systems
• Basement Slabs Poured
• Battery Back-up Sump Pumps
• Bentonite Clay Injections
• Carbon-Fiber Straps
• Exterior-Silicone Spraying
• Foam & Epoxy Injections
• Foundation Repairs
• Humidex® Ventilation Systems
• Interior & Exterior Coatings
• Interior & Exterior Drain–Tile Systems
• Mold & Mildew Treatments
• Structural Wall Supports
• Sump Pump Installations
• Wall Pinning & Plates
• Wall Restorations & Repairs
• Window Well Corrections


Why You Need Basement Waterproofing in Pennsylvania

Have the experts at Central Penn Waterproofing seal and waterproof your basement to prevent bacteria, mildew, and water damage.

Every rainy day, your basement walls sweat and leak. This eventually results in water damage and even structural problems in your home or business. Furthermore, the moist environment facilitates mildew and bacteria growth, creating a potential health hazard.

To prevent potential damage to your home or business we offer many options as interior coatings to seal basement walls. These include: wall repairs, crawl space encapsulation, interior and exterior drainage systems and battery backup pumps. We restore your basement walls and repair any structural wall damage. We also correct window well problems and install water management systems. Additionally we pour new basement slabs and apply mold and mildew treatments!

Already Have Water Damage?

Our knowledgeable staff can restore your basement walls, add pinnings and plates, and correct your damaged window wells. We will pour new basement slabs, and install a new, above-ground drainage system. Then we will treat your basement for mildew and mold.

Our services also include providing bentonite clay injections for exteriors walls, epoxy and foam injections for wall cracks as well as above ground silicone applications. Give us a call today to protect your business!

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At Central Penn Waterproofing, our staff of local experts has more than four decades of experience. We offer full-service waterproofing for commercial and residential buildings. We're a family-owned and operated company, located in Marietta, PA. If your basement needs waterproofing, we can help. We offer an expansive coverage area, including Allentown, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and State College.
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